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Quick Easy DIY Gift!

Hi all
Christmas is fast approaching with only two days to go! Most people will have probably done all their christmas shopping and luckily for me I have, and even better than that the wrapping is all done to. Normally however this would not be the case, so this week I have decided to show you how to do this quick and super easy DIY Christmas gift!

You Will Need!
Jar (whatever size you like)
Snow balls enough to fill the jar
4 black buttons
Small piece of paper and orange pencil
Glue or a glue gun
Permanent marker pen

These are the filling for the jar you will create.
 I love these and (I believe) they are only around
at Christmas!
I just used a plain jam jar for this DIY.
First you need to get your paper and cut out a small triangle for the carrot nose of your snowman.
Then glue on two of the buttons for eyes and the carrot nose like shown below.
Using the permanent marker give your snowman a mouth you could do a simple mouth like I did or you could do dots like the classic snowman! 
Finally stick your remaining buttons underneath the mouth to look like a buttoned up shirt. 

 Then fill your jar with the snow bites!

To make your snowman more suitable as a gift you could add ribbon or a bow to the top of the jar!

When all the snowbites have been eaten you could put a candle in the jar or make one for yourself and use it as a candle holder. The jam jar I used the middle of the lid popped out so a candle fit perfectly with part of the lid still on.

If you made this DIY let me know in the comments below or you could tweet me a picture at @Mollyeeez! I hope you have a very merry Christmas! Bye for now see you next week!

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