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Early Morning Walk

Hi all,

I hope you have had a nice week. It feels very wintery right now although thats probably just because it’s so cold! But what should you do when it freezing cold (literally) get up before the sun rises and go for a walk? Well that is just what I did the other day and it WAS SO cold! But it also looked very pretty (once the sun did rise) and it did feel very fresh.

The first picture was taken on a bank over looking a field. As you can probably tell I added a grain effect to the photo.

This picture was taken in a wooded area so it looks quite dark but I think it gives a nice autumnal feel especially with all the fallen leaves and bear trees.

This one is taken looking across a bridge into a field again a added a grain effect. I thinks this image looks quite wintery.
This photo is quite dark, over looking a small river. I like the look of the clouds in this photo and the reflection of the clouds in the water
I know its a short post but hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading. Have you been on any cold wintery walks yet this season? – let me know in the comments below.
Bye for now, see you next week!

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