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My Holiday in Croatia! (Part 1)

Hi all

Hope you have had a nice week, and that those of you going back to school after the summer holidays are not having too bad a time! I have gone back to school and already I am looking forward to the weekend! But let’s forget about that for now and go to a sunnier place because this week’s post (as I promised last week) will be all about my holiday in Croatia! I had a really nice time, and some photos that I love so I of course wanted to share these and talk about what I did, this is like my online holiday scrapbook/diary! I am going to do this in two parts because I have so much to say and feel as one post this is just going to be too long!
Enough with the waffle and onto what I did…
Arriving in Croatia

(Image taken before the plane set off to Dubrovnik)

Me and my Family got up early on Sunday morning, and by early I mean ridiculously early we got up at 2:30 and left our house at about 3 in the morning! We then arrived at the airport at 4 AM and went through check in and security. Once in the airport shopping bit and restaurant it was time for a 5 o’clock breakfast, for this very early breakfast I had a very large and tasty sandwich!  Then as we were eating our very large sandwiches the voice speaker thing came on and said that our plane was now boarding so we had to take our sandwiches with us to the boarding gate. We then finished our breakfast and boarded the plane. On the plane I did some colouring that was in my on flight essential bag (you can view that post Here), the flight went so quickly. When we got off the plane in Dubrovnik  I could feel the heat hit instantly! It was now about 10 o’clock so we went through the air port, then got the hire car and headed to the apartment! On first glance of Croatia it looked LOVELY I especially like the pointy trees that seemed to be everywhere! The apartment was really nice and had a large balcony with a lovely view over the water.

(These were steps leading up to the apartment and looking out over the water)

Once we had unpacked and had been to a shop to get the essential food items we headed down over 300 steps to the old walled city of Dubrovnik. The city looked very grand with big cathedrals, towers and lots of shops. We walked around the shops for a while before heading back up the 300 steps – that was hard work in the heat and having had very little sleep the previous night!

(Here is a picture I took on the first day looking down a street in Dubrovnik)
Once back in the apartment we had some bread, chutney and cheese on the balcony overlooking the lovely view!
(Image taken in Cavtat)

On Monday we took the car down to a place called Cavtat. It was a bay with many restaurants, and lots of ice cream! When we got there we found the car park, which was very busy so it took us ages to find a space, then when we eventually did we went for a walk. We walked around a pathed walkway which took you along the waters edge. The views were amazing I love the picture above of the sea and mountins through the trees. The trees were so pretty I loved walking along the tree lined pathway with the water and mountains to one side! We then went out for lunch at a restaurant called Konoba Taranj, I had broccoli pasta which was really nice. What was not so nice is that I ordered Fanta Orange – here’s a tip – if you ever go to Croatia or somewhere else hot with many wasps don’t order Fanta! I had one wasp fly over it then fell into the bottle of Fanta it then got out again and many many more wasps came to lick (if that’s what wasps do?) the Fanta  from the wasp that fell in and before long there were A LOT of wasps at the table, and I really DON’T like wasps. Other than that however (I did not have Fanta again that week) there were no problems with wasps.

(Image of a tree lined walkway in Cavtat)
We then went back to the apartment and ate bread and chutney on the balcony. Above is a picture i took of the sun setting from the balcony that evening.
Exploring Dubrovnik 
(Image taken of an entrance into the walled city of Dubrovnik)
On Tuesday we spent the day doing things in Dubrovnik. First we went on the cable car which was really cool. I am sometimes afraid of heights but the cable cars did not bother me. When at the top of the mountain the views were amazing. There were various platforms to look out at and a souvenir shop. There was also a restaurant, amphitheatre and museum about the war. We walked around and took lots of photos before heading back down in the cable car.
Below are some pictures I took when at the cable cars:
 (This image was taken from the cable car on the way up)


(This was the view from the top looking over the walled city of Dubrovnik)


(This image was also take at the top overlooking the mountains and greenery at the other side)


When we were back in the city, we went out for lunch and ate at a restaurant called Romerquelle it was so good! I think this was my favourite meal of the week! I ordered a grilled peach salad with tomato mozzarella and walnut puree. I also liked the way this meal was presented!


(Here is an image of the grilled peach salad)
After lunch we had another walk around the city and went in some more shops. We then went down to the water and me and my Mum got a glass bottom boat ride from the harbour. The glass bottom was really cool we got to see loads of fish I did try to take some pictures of them but they moved too quickly! It looked so pretty on the water. The boat rocked quite a lot which did make me feel quite nervous but it was all good and we got back to the shore safely.


(Image taken from the boat)
(Image looking down into the water through the glass)
When finished we headed back to apartment and again ate dinner on the balcony!
That’s it for this week but come back next week to see part 2! You can subscribe on Bloglovin on the panel to the right, so you’re sure not to miss it! I will be talking about Montenegro, Split, another boat ride and visiting a hotel that was damaged in the war.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Did you go anywhere this summer? Where would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments below.
Bye for now, see you next week!

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