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Pumpkin Picking!

Hi all, 
Hope you’re having a good Monday and are prepared for halloween if you’re celebrating it. I had a really fun halloween get together with some of my friends on Saturday so I think tomorrow I will just curl up on the sofa and eat some leftover halloween snacks! If you want to make some halloween snacks I did a post sharing two really cool and easy recipes you can find that here!
At the weekend I went pumpkin picking with one of my friends, it was a lot of fun. I only bought one pumpkin, it was a huge pumpkin! I also had some pumpkin soup (I think a pumpkin farm is the best place to enjoy pumpkin soup) and a cinnamon doughnut which all felt very autumnal. 
I took some photos that I wanted to share.
 So here are the photos…
 The first one is of these four pumpkins together in the field. There are two parts of the pumpkin patch. One where all the pumpkins were already picked, and a part with the pumpkins still on the vines. 
This photo I added a blurred edges effect that may be a little much, but I like it.
 I like the way this pumpkin is really long and thin. This pumpkin looks a little like the one I bought.
And this is the same “thing” as in a picture above. I’m not entirely sure what it is so I’m just going to with stripy pumpkin.
This is a very orange post! 
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Have you ever been pumpkin picking? How do you celebrate halloween? Let me know in the comments below!
Bye for now, see you on Thursday!

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