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Easy DIY Mothers-day Card

Hi all
Mothers Day is this Sunday (at least in England) This year I have been organised and made a card early but normally that us not the way so today I decided to share a super quick and easy DIY mothers day card, hope you enjoy!

To make the card you will need


A piece of card already folded
an envelope

1 small square of fabric
1 circular button (I think plain works best)
1 shaped button (I used a plain heart shaped button)
Pritt stick
Stronger glue that will hold a button (I used a hot glue gun)
Black fine liner
scissors that will cut fabric (I used pinking shears to stop the fabric from fraying)


First draw a triangle onto the the back of your fabric and cut it out with the scissors this will be the dress (if the pattern has a top and a bottom make sure the pointier end is at the top).


Now glue on the triangle to the front of the card.

Next taking your glue gun or stronger glue stick the buttons on as shown above with the round button above the triangle for a hear and the shaped button in one of the corners to make the balloon.


Finally using your fine liner draw on the arms legs and balloon strings as shown in the image above!

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed! Do you make or buy your mothers and farthers day cards? If you have a go at making this let me know in the comments below or you could tween me @Mollyeeez.
Bye for now see you next week!

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