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Where have I been?

Hi all

Long time no see? I haven’t blogged in what feels like such a long time. It actually feels a little odd writing this now!

So last week was mock exam week and I was so so busy. I had an exam for each of my subjects. I had deadlines and a lot of coursework to work on. I let my revision and deadlines get on top of me to the point where it was just all too much so something had to give unfortunately it was this blog. Which upset me because I love writing and creating posts here and have done for quite a long time I don’t want that to stop. So yes I missed quite a few weeks of blogging but I’m trying not to let that annoy me too much and just keep creating posts that I love.

They were only mocks, I have the real things to come yet. I’m going to try to post here weekly or as much as I can in the run up to my exams. Perhaps I will have a few exam themed posts, but there may be some posts missing or posts that are late. The A-leval exams are in June, I am very nervous for these exams but so excited for summer once the exams are finished. I have lots of exciting things planned so please keep an eye on this space!

While I have been gone I also took and passed my driving theory test, so I’m happy about that. It was one of my 2018 goals  (I did a post about my goals and resolutions you can read that Here). Now I’m working hard to get to the point where I’m ready to take my practical test.

Things have been busy for me lately, I’d love to know whats been going on in your life, have you had any mock exams? Did you have any pancakes? Are you loving winter or excited for summer?

Thank you for reading!
See you next week, bye for now! 

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2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Congratulations on your driving test! I’m a little bit past mock exams and I don’t like pancakes, however my life has been super busy with my work’s stock take. Now it’s over I’m hoping to settle back into blogging a little bit!

    Tori |
    Latest blog post: Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

  2. Good luck on all of your exams! I'm sure you'll do great! I have been having a lot of exams at school too, but they're mostly done with at this point, which I'm happy about. I have not had any pancakes, I'm more of a waffle person… Haha And I am really excited about the summer mostly becuase I'm sick of everything being so gray and cold! Also, I gotta say, I love your new blog layout!

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