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Easter Cake!

Hi all,
Easter is coming, so today I decided to share this recipe for an easter cake. This cake is so tasty and very colourful!
You will need

For the cake
250g self raising flour
250g butter 
4 eggs
150g caster sugar 
1tbs vinilla extract 
100g chocolate chips
For the decoration
150g milk chocolate 
45g shredded wheat 
65g mini eggs
1) preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade  
2) mix the sugar and butter until smooth then whisk the eggs and add to the mixture gradually to prevent the mixture from separating.
3) sieve the flower into the mixture and fold in with a wooden spoon until smooth
4) Now add the vanilla extract and chocolate chips and fold them in with the metal spoon
5) grease the baking tin with butter or oil then add a dusting of flour and pour in the cake mixture
6) put the cake in the oven for 20-30 mins  
7) test if the cake is done with a skewer (if the skewer comes out clean it is cooked) and place on a wire rack to cool
Tip – If you want a bigger/taller cake add another layer with some chocolate butter cream in the middle
For the decoration 

1) Melt the chocolate on the hob in glass bowl over the pan of water make sure the water is not touching the bowl.  Once the chocolate has melted, save one tsp of the chocolate. Add in the remainder of chocolate to the shredded wheat.

2) Place the chocolatly shredded wheat and push out the middle with the mini eggs. Place the eggs inside the nest. Stick the remainder eggs around the nest with the remainder chocolate like in the picture.
Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed! Have you done any easter baking? If you make this cake let me know in the comments! 
Bye for now, see you next week!

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