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Apps – Some apps I Recommend!

Hi all
Today I thought I would share with you some apps I am loving at the moment! Most of these apps are paid for, I many more apps that are free but these are my favourites. There are many different app stores depending on the device you have, so I did not include links to the specific app but if you search the app in your app store it will appear.


Is an app that I have for a while now and I still love it! It has a variety of guided and unguided meditations. It helps you relax and there are also many sleep meditations and recently they have brought out sleep stories that help you get to sleep. Some of these are free when you first download the app and others require you to have subscription to their services (Click here to see Calm’s subscription prices), which is quite costly but I think it’s worth it, especially if you often get stressed or anxious. I first got a subscription to this app before I had exams and it really helped me get through them. The creators of Calm also have a book out that talks and explains mindfulness in a fun and interesting way(Click here to see this book on amazon)!

I am sure you will of heard of this website and the app that goes with it! I listening to books I am a very slow reader so although I do enjoy reading I often enjoy the book more if i listen to it, therefore i love using audible. I often listen to audible when I am traveling.

I love this app!! This app basically stops you from being able to use your phone while you working or doing something that you don’t want your phone distracting you. It does this in the form of planting and growing trees. You need to reach your no phone target you set for the tree to survive then you can name your trees so when studying you can keep track of how long you have spent of each topic. I use this app when revising, doing homework, tidying my room and sometimes when I am writing blog posts. I am easily distracted by social media!!

Zen Sand
This is a fairly new app I have found but so far I enjoying it, although I have come to the end of the free part and I not yet prepared to pay. This is a game where you have to try and get the running sand into the vases using bamboo sticks. I find this game very calming!

This again in another new game I have found, it is defiantly not as calming as Zen Sand in fact I get very frustrated when I fail in this game but it is highly addictive I am currently stuck at 39! You have to use two little people who can only stand on their own coloured block across the I would recommend giving it a go!

All these images are taken from the respective websites.
Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! What is your favourite app? Let me know in the comments below.
Bye for now, see you soon!

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