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Fitness! Fitness! Fitness!

Hi all
This week I have a fitness post for you. I am definitely not not a fitness expert but I do enjoy fitness and one of my new year goals was to do more fitness. So far I do think I have met this goal. I have also started running with one of my friends, but it is wether dependant and the weather has not been as good this week. I have still been doing Lucy Whyndam-Ready You tube fitness videos, she has been doing fitness challenges every other month with a new video each day, one day a cardio video and the next a toning workout. The July challenge starts on on the first.
Here are some of of favourites of Lucy’s videos:
Here are some of the sports leggings I love and have been wearing for my fitness
Image from
I love these marble effect leggings. They have a netted strip down one side. I really like the pattern.
Image from
I also really love these sports leggings. I have two pairs of these in this colour and in pink they are really comfortable and fit well.
Thank you for reading. Do you know of any good fitness videos or apps? Where do you like to buy sports clothes from? 
Bye for now, see you next week!

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  1. Thank you, I glad you like this post! I didn't know Accessorize did leggings I've never seen them before, I love Accessorize! I will definitely look out for them!
    Molly xx

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