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In Flight Essentials!

Hi all,
I hope you’ve had a lovely week! It is now August, where has the time gone? August is (at least in the UK) the most popular month to go on holiday, making now a good time to share my In Flight Essentials!
First thing is a bag, quite obvious, you’re going to need somewhere to put this stuff!
I have chosen this fairly small Accessorize rucksack to take with me! I like using a rucksack because that way you still have your hands free to wheel your suitcase and whatever else you have to carry, I also really like the pattern on this bag!
  Next thing I am going to be bringing is this mini colouring book. I like doodling and colouring to pass time and colouring is quite calming as there’s not a lot to think about. You can’t really tell from the picture but both the book and pencils are small and perfect for traveling!


Next thing, well three things! I am going to to be taking hand sanitiser because seriously planes and definitely airpots are gross, full of germs so in order to feel clean I think hand sanitiser is very important especially if you’re going to want to eat on the plane! Then I also think hand cream and lip balm are very important to keep you feeling at your best. I also think the best kind of lip care for traveling is one that is on a stick so you don’t have to use fingers to put it on!
Finally I have a book to read! I have actually read Everything Everything (and really enjoyed it) so I am going to take “The Sun is Also a Star” also by Nicola Yoon but it hasn’t arrived in the post yet!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! What do you think is the most important thing to take on a flight? And what books are you enjoying at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!
Bye for now, see you next week!

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