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New Years Goals and Resolutions!

Hi all
Okay so I know this post is a little late but I wanted to do it anyway, and this way I can give you an update of how the first week has gone! I also want to be able to look back at this post in weeks and months to come to see how I have progressed.
What are my goals and resolutions?

To drink more water – I know how important it is to drink water but for reason I still fail to do so (and end up with headaches from dehydration), therefore this year I am going to try harder and put a full water bottle in my bag every day.

To be more positive – On this blog I think that I come across as a positive person but sometimes in life I can’t always see the bright side of situations, so I want to work on this in 2017!

To exercise more – This is a typical new years resolution but this year I feel I can do it! I have started Lucy Wyndham-Reads daily fitness videos, they are very motivating and really short so you don’t need much time, Click Here To Go To Her Youtube Channel!

To continue blogging – I am really enjoying writing this blog and really want to see it continue throughout 2017 (and hopefully gain some readers and watch it start to grow)

Be kind to myself – I am quite a critical person on myself, about what I do, how I do it and what I look like. This year I want to give myself more praise and a compliment everyday!
To start sailing – Last year I wanted to start sailing and join a sailing club but I never got round to it. This year when the weather gets warmer and hopefully I am fitter thanks to Lucy I want to start (well at least try one session)
How have I done so far?
Its been just under two weeks since I started trying achieve these goals and resolutions so now I am going do an update to see wether I have achieved any of my goals so far.
My first resolution was to drink more water, currently, although I would say I am drinking more water I am no way drinking enough and still feel quite dehydrated but I will keep working on this!
My second resolution was to be more positive and so far I feel that yes I am being more positive! Yay! Things are better when your more positive. Obviously I can continue to work on this as there have been moments when I have let the small things take over.
My next resolution was to exercise more, so far I have definitely exercised more so thats good! With Lucy Whyndam-Read’s videos there is one each day, which I am trying to do, however I failed! Well being more positive (see, succeeding in this resolution! Yay!!) I only missed two days and now I am back doing them everyday and I actually feel healthier!

To continue blogging, was my next goal and although of coarse it’s not been long enough to see if I have met this goal, but I do know that I am enjoying it very much and woking on some future blog posts!

Be kind to myself- so far I think I have achieved this, I have taken out more time for myself, not been to hard on myself when I can’t do something first time, and yes I have given myself a compliment every day. I have found that time for yourself is very important and hopefully I will continue making time for myself!

My final goal was to start sailing, but of coarse that was when the weather improves, so this has not happened yet so this goal is on hold until the summer! 

Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments below, what your goalsresolutions are and how you are getting on so far! Subscribe so you never miss a post. Bye for now, see you next week!

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  1. Thank-you so much! Good luck with the walking I have been walking this year too I love walking and taking photos, I think I will do a blog post sharing some of those photos soon! It is a good channel, very motivating!

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