Relaxation- Some Relaxing Things To Do!

Hi all Today I have decided to do a post sharing some things I do to relax! In my new years eve goals and resolutions, one of my goals was to take more time for myself to relax and unwind here I have listed the top five things I do to relax and unwind!   Colouring! A nice thing to…

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Molly / February 9, 2017

Hi all,  Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite jewellery. Here are three pieces of jewellery that I love!   The first piece of jewellery I love is this bracelet, I bought this from a shop called Vinegar Hill in bath when I went there last year for my Birthday. Me and my best friend bought these…

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Molly / February 2, 2017

Hi all  It is now February, January is over, for many January is said to be the worst month as christmas is over, people have to go back to work and school and money can be tight. However for me January has not been all that bad I have kept up with my goals and resolutions (I have finished Lucy…

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