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Hi all,
This week, on Monday, I went to Brighton for the day with my family. Here I have done a diary style post of my day.
On Monday we got up early, got ready and set of to Brighton. We had breakfast on the way (I had a really nice cheddar and mushroom croissant from Starbucks).

Once we arrived we went and did some shopping in the Lanes there are  so many amazing shops in the Brighton Lanes!

These are the earrings that I bought from a shop called Silverado, they are small triangles. I bought these because, last week I got a secound ear lobe piercing, I can’t wear these for another 6-10 weeks but I bought these ready, they also have sterling silver post as thats supposed to be better for newly pierced ears.

 For lunch we went to the chile pickle here is a picture of what I had to eat. It is a thali where you pick your main curry and then get lots of little dishes as well I am not sure what all the little are but they tasted very nice. I had a paneer jalfrezi for the main curry (you can’t see that bit the popadom covers that bit)
We then walked down to the pier. Here is an image of the pier taken looking down over the beach.
This is an image taken from the pier of a seagull looking out into the sea. This is the sea gull that landed on my head! Im not a big fan of seagulls as it is, I worry they are going to poo on me or land on me and this time although thankfully it didn’t poo on me but did land on me! But I do like this photo!


Here is an another image taken on the pier.


After going down the pier we got some ice cream from Boho gelato and it was delicious! They make lots of really cool flavours of ice cream. I had one scoop of salted caramel and one of carrot cake in the pot is some millions which I LOVE on ice cream!


On the way back to the car to go home we saw these sea gulls arguing over a chip and as took some photos thought I would put them in. They both really wanted that chip!
  Thank-you for reading hope you enjoyed! What is your favourite flavour of ice cream and what is your go to day out?
Bye for now, see you next week!


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