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Hi all
Today I have decided to do a bonus, chatty post about gratitude, sharing my thoughts and feelings on the subject and for many mock exams are coming up and people are feeling the stress and pressure of their lives. 
What is gratitude, to me, gratitude is about being thankful for the things you have in your life such as the important people, pets, things you have achieved, or even meaningful items you have in your life.

In many peoples lives they are always so busy, therefore being grateful for the things they already have done and have achieved gets lost and forgotten in the constant attempt to do more and push themselves harder. This of coarse is not always a bad thing because it’s what makes us work harder, achieve more and push ourselves to be better!

However I think that without a break and taking the time to look at all you already have and already achieved this can be a damaging state, mentally and physically. So I encourage you to stop and take the time to appreciate something or someone important to you this could be a close friend or family member and even a your pet (I love animals if you can’t tell already!)

How can you bring a state of gratitude into your everyday lives? So I have had think about this one and there are not many things I can think of apart from the obvious. Make a list, of all the things in your life you are grateful for, to keep this current and fresh every day you could write down five things you were grateful for that day. This can also help you to see the positive side of life!
Another thing I heard people do, although have never tried it myself is use real life cues to make themselves feel grateful for the life they live, for example every time you drink a cup of tea (fit this to your own life) you think about something your grateful for!

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. What a fantastic post! I try to be grateful in my life but I never set aside time to specifically focus on what it is that I am grateful for – this is a brilliant suggestion!

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