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It is now February, January is over, for many January is said to be the worst month as christmas is over, people have to go back to work and school and money can be tight. However for me January has not been all that bad I have kept up with my goals and resolutions (I have finished Lucy Wyndham Read’s entire January challenge, which I am proud of myself for! Link to her YouTube channel) Doing these workouts and getting into a good routine has helped me stay happy and motivated throughout January! 
Now that January is over however I feel goals and good habits are at risk and everyone could do with a motivational boost now and then, that’s why today I wanted to a post sharing one of my favourite motivational quotes and hopefully lift some February spirits! (Spring will soon be on it’s way! I love spring flowers!) 
Here is the quote I have chosen to continue the motivation, positivity and hard work throughout February. 
Focus on what you will do to move one step closer to your goal, don’t overwhelm yourself now you will get there. When your overwhelmed remember everything you have ever achieved did not happen overnight you worked for it! Recognise the progress you make each day and know it will add up!
Thank you for reading I hope this has given you some motivation yourself! How was your January? Are you still feeling motivated and rearing to go? What was your biggest January achievement and what is your favourite motivational quote? Let me know in the comments. Bye for now, see you next week!

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  1. My January was long, but good! This was exactly the motivation I needed going into February – It's always good to be reminded of what I've already achieved. One of my favorite motivational quotes is "Life is tough, my darling, but so are you" (I'm not sure who said it, I'm sure you could google it… Hahaha)

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