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Spring is here!

Spring is here, YAY! This post is going to include some of my favourite things about spring!
In spring there are so many flowers popping up all over place and making everywhere look so pretty. The image above is of some tulips in my garden. I love spring flowers! Flowers are definitely one of my favourite things about spring!

 Now that the clocks have gone back it means there is an extra hour of light in the evenings, although as I have to get up early this does mean that at the moment It is darker when I leave the house, but longer evening gives me more time to walk my dog!
Birds singing. In spring the birds are so much louder and in my house you can always hear them! Early in the morning (although often too early) and in the evenings and they sound so lovely!
Being able to open my bedroom window without freezing! I love have my window open when it is sunny and that obviously makes the birds sound a lot louder! Although I have to be careful of my dog when the window is open she is like to bark loudly out my window and may just jump out the window to greet the postman!
Easter is in spring, around easter I see a lot of my family and have a break from school, and of course there is chocolate!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! What is your favourite thing about spring?
Bye for now, see you soon 

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