Relaxation- Some Relaxing Things To Do!

Hi all
Today I have decided to do a post sharing some things I do to relax! In my new years eve goals and resolutions, one of my goals was to take more time for myself to relax and unwind here I have listed the top five things I do to relax and unwind!  
A nice thing to do to relax and unwind is colour! I love colouring here is a book I got for my birthday (I love it) each page has a motivational quote on so while your colouring you can read the motivational quote and feel uplifted! I an very particular about my colouring I can’t just pick any page and colour it I have to do it in order, page by page. I am still close to the beginning of the book, I am so slow! 

Have a relaxing bubble bath!
Bubble baths can be so relaxing and help you unwind, you light a nice candle (The one I have lit here is a sandalwood scent, it’s so nice) use loads of bubble bath and throw in your favourite bath bomb. However it’s not always that simple, for starters there’s often a spider lurking somewhere in or around the bath that you must remove, then you have to get the water to the right temperature, which to me is impossible the water is normally to hot and I end up burning in the water and it is never possible to add the right amount of cold!! Anyway if can somehow run perfect baths then this is a great relaxation choice!

Reading can be really relaxing! I enjoy reading to relax and often read before I go to bed to help me sleep, however I am so slow at reading and often what’s going on in the book which makes reading much less enjoyable. This is a photo of my book shelf, I keep my Polaroid camera on my book shelf which I love! I also have a rose gold pineapple on my book shelf, which opens and has a pineapple scented candle!

Go for a walk!
Walking can be very calming! If your feeling stressed or anxious take some time out of your busy schedule and go for a walk! The photo above was taken when I went for a walk with my dog and the sun was setting, it looked so pretty!

Hot Chocolate and a Throw
If all else fails to make you feel relaxed snuggle up under a throw or blanket and have a nice big mug of Hot Chocolate! 

Thank-you for reading, hope your enjoyed! What do you like to do to relax? Let me know in the comments below! Bye for now see, you next week!

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0 thoughts on “Relaxation- Some Relaxing Things To Do!

  1. I totally agree with your list! I have a couple of colouring books but I haven't done anything with them for ages; I now really want to get back into colouring!! Also, your book shelf looks so cute! I have the Zoella Book Club books too! Have you read them all? Which was your favourite? Mine has got to be All the Bright Places but I absolutely loved so many of them!!

    Georgia x


  2. Thank you! I hadn't done any colouring for a while but recently I have gotten back into it and I find it really calming! I have not read all the Zoella Book Club Books yet, but I have read All the Bright Places and I loved it!

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