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Pancakes – White Chocolate and Raspberry!

Hi all
Today I am going to share a recipe with you for pancakes! It is pancake day on Tuesday or some may call it shrove Tuesday. These pancakes are delicious they have fresh raspberries in them. When I make these pancakes the mixture makes 5 large pancakes.
one and a half cups of plain flour
one and a half tbsp of baking powder
pinch of salt 
one tbsp of sugar 
one cup of milk
one tbsp of vanilla extract
one quarter cup of greek yogurt (you could use flavoured)
1 egg
half a cup of raspberries 
 one quarter cup of white chocolate chips 
oil or butter for the pan
1) Mix together the dry ingredients in a bowl (flour, baking powder, salt and sugar)
2) In a separate bowl mix together the wet ingredients (milk, vanilla extract, greek yogurt and egg) 
3) When the ingredients are mixed together well. Combine the wet and the dry ingredients together and stir well with a wooden spoon.
4) Fold in the raspberries and white chocolate gently you could mash some of the raspberries to create a pink marble effect.
5) Put a frying pan on the heat with some oil or butter in the pan then pour a small amount of the pancake mixture in the frying pan if you want, or have the ability to (I don’t, this failed when I tried it) you could use a metal cookie cutter to pour the mixture in so you have a shaped pancake!
6) Cook the pancake on one side then flip it (again my ability wont let me do this properly so I just used a rubber spatula). They take 1-2 minutes to cook. When all the pancakes have cooked remove the pan from the heat and eat your pancakes! I think these would be nice with some ice cream! I put syrup on my pancake! 
Yes I know it doesn’t look great in this photo but I promise you it was delicious!! 
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! If you have a go at making these let my know in the comments or on twitter my twitter is @Mollyeeez! Bye for now, see you next week!

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