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Some Photos I Have Taken!

Hi all,  This week I wanted to share with you five photos that I have taken of flowers and plants that I have seen recently! Dandelion flower, poking through the leaves. Dandelion clock, it looks really fluffy! Not sure what this called, but I like this photo! Apple tree blossom, this tree looks so pretty covered in these flowers!  I…

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Easter Cake!

Hi all, Easter is coming, so today I decided to share this recipe for an easter cake. This cake is so tasty and very colourful! You will need For the cake 250g self raising flour 250g butter  4 eggs 150g caster sugar  1tbs vinilla extract  100g chocolate chips For the decoration 150g milk chocolate  45g shredded wheat  65g mini eggs…

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Spring is here!

Hello,  Spring is here, YAY! This post is going to include some of my favourite things about spring! In spring there are so many flowers popping up all over place and making everywhere look so pretty. The image above is of some tulips in my garden. I love spring flowers! Flowers are definitely one of my favourite things about spring!…

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