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Nails Nails Nails!

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Today I thought I would share with you the products I use on my nails to try and keep them strong and healthy. I paint my nails and enjoy it but it does take quite a lot of time to keep painted nails looking nice without any chips, therefore during the week I don’t always wear nail polish, but try to keep my nails looking nice and shiny without! Thats why here I have brought together three nail products that I use that don’t require lots of time!

Click Here To Find: Vaseline’s Hand and Nail Cream
Costing about £2.99
The first product is Vaseline’s hand cream for healthy hands and stronger nails. Vaseline do a few hand creams but this is one specially designed to as well as look after your hands make your nails stronger, and I do believe it works! It has a subtle scent and sinks into your skin quickly. The product is also inexpensive and perfect to keep in your bag.

Click Here To Find: Sally Hanson Miracle Cure
Costing about £9.99
This next product is by the brand Sally Hanson, which mainly sell nail polishes however they do sell many nail care products. The one I use is the strengthener because my nails can be quite weak and split often, but since using this product I have noticed a difference and would defiantly recommend it. You can use this either on its own or as a nail polish base coat. There are many other nail care product by the brand Sally Hanson such as nail growth and nail thickener both of which I have not yet tried.

Click Here To Find: Boots Nail Buffer
Costing about £3.50
(This is a slightly different one to mine as I could not find the one I have and it has an extra side)
The final product is a simple 6 sided nail buffer! These are AMAZING! They make your nails look so healthy and shiny without putting anything (chemicals) on them at all. This I think is from boots (but they sell them in most pharmacy’s) and only cost a couple of pounds and it was worth it! Although it takes quite a long time to do each nail it is defiantly worth it and I find buffing your nails in front of the TV with a hot chocolate works best!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed, you can follow me on Bloglovin or Subscribe by email in the boxes above. Are there any products you use on your nails that you would recommend, if so please let me know in the comments below, I am always open to trying out new products! Bye for now, see you next week!

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