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Today I am going to review the gift set of products from Niomi Smart. This set has a food-themed scent throughout, including avocado, pineapple and blueberry. This gift set is from Boots and costs £18.00. You get five products in the set.


The first product in the set is avocado body lotion. I do really like this product it is very moisturising and soaks into the skin well. I love the smell. It had a definite avocado smell which to me smells really fresh.


The second product is a body mist that is pineapple scented. It smells lovely. The scent lasts as long as you would expect from a product like this, which of course is not as long as a higher priced perfume. But it’d be great to keep in a handbag for a nice spray when needed.


The third product is the blueberry bath soak. This again smells amazing! When I use this product the whole bathroom is filled with an amazing blueberry scent! This product does create some bubbles in your bath, however, if it is a bubble bath you want, this probably isn’t the best product as other products create better bubbles and it isn’t classed as a bubble bath.


The fourth product is this pineapple shower gel. I do really like this product. It smells lovely and feels nice on the skin. It’s not very moisturising though so if that is what you are looking for, I wouldn’t recommend this. It feels very refreshing and is a nice early morning shower gel for when you’re struggling with early mornings.


The final product is this blueberry bath bomb. Honestly, I don’t like this product at all. I think the set would be just as good without it. It smells okay but it doesn’t fill the room with the scent as other bath bombs do and it seems a little on the cheap and nasty side.

Mostly my comments are positive about the actual properties of the products. I love that they’re vegan – this is what made me buy them. Overall the scent is my favourite thing and I’ll definitely enjoy using them. I am aware that there is some controversy over the ingredients in these products. I don’t know a lot about ingredients (it is something I want to learn more about). I am aware that the ingredients aren’t very natural, – so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing these products, maybe do some more research into the ingredients used.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Have you ever tried any of Niomi Smart product? Do you like them?

Bye, for now, see you tomorrow!


* This is NOT sponsored content, all opinions are my own.

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