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Early Morning Walk

Molly / November 9, 2017

Hi all, I hope you have had a nice week. It feels very wintery right now although thats probably just because it’s so cold! But what should you do when it freezing cold (literally) get up before the sun rises and go for a walk? Well that is just what I did the other day and it WAS SO cold!…

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Pumpkin Picking!

Molly / October 30, 2017

Hi all,  Hope you’re having a good Monday and are prepared for halloween if you’re celebrating it. I had a really fun halloween get together with some of my friends on Saturday so I think tomorrow I will just curl up on the sofa and eat some leftover halloween snacks! If you want to make some halloween snacks I did…

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Some Photos I Have Taken!

Hi all,  This week I wanted to share with you five photos that I have taken of flowers and plants that I have seen recently! Dandelion flower, poking through the leaves. Dandelion clock, it looks really fluffy! Not sure what this called, but I like this photo! Apple tree blossom, this tree looks so pretty covered in these flowers!  I…

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My Walk!

Molly / January 19, 2017

Hi All, This week me and my family decided to get out of the house and go for a walk! Obviously we took the dog (if you have a dog you will know a walk without your dog is not the same!) We walked in a really pretty area of the countryside around some lakes. Here on my blog I…

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