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Where have I been?

Molly / February 15, 2018

Hi all Long time no see? I haven’t blogged in what feels like such a long time. It actually feels a little odd writing this now! So last week was mock exam week and I was so so busy. I had an exam for each of my subjects. I had deadlines and a lot of coursework to work on. I…

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Feeling Festive!

Molly / December 14, 2017

Hi All Hope you’ve had a nice week! I am very excited for Christmas. I don’t have long until I am on Christmas holiday! I am really busy at the moment with deadlines before Christmas so even though so many bloggers are doing blogmass, and I really want to read all of them, I have had so little time and…

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Birthday and Little Update!

Hi all, This week was the first week of my summer holidays! I have however been quite busy so I have not got all I wanted done, so this only going to be little update but I hope you enjoy it all the same. Friday was my Birthday! I had such a nice day I was in school so I…

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Hi all,  I have one week until the final assessments are done, then there is only half a term until summer!! I know that this time of year is also very busy and stressful for those doing GCSEs (good luck if you are doing your GCSEs at the moment!) So this week on my blog I thought I would share…

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Let’s Have a Chat!

Hi, all Todays post is a chatty one! It has been such a long time since I sat down and did a chatty blog post. It is now near the end of May, this year has gone really fast, and summer is nearly here! I can’t wait for the summer holidays!  I have been working really hard at collage and…

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Spring is here!

Hello,  Spring is here, YAY! This post is going to include some of my favourite things about spring! In spring there are so many flowers popping up all over place and making everywhere look so pretty. The image above is of some tulips in my garden. I love spring flowers! Flowers are definitely one of my favourite things about spring!…

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