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Simple DIY Fathers Day Card

Hi all,
I have a DIY today, this Sunday is fathers day (at least in the UK) so if you are yet to get a fathers day card then here is a super simple DIY card you can make.
You Will Need
Plain White Card to decorate
Three pieces of coloured card or paper (any pattern or colour you want)
Two Buttons
Strip of paper or card play or subtle pattern for the background
Thin strip of colour plain card (I used a sparkley grey card)
Fold the card in half and cut out a small triangle as shown in the picture above, so when opened you have two triangle shapes joined together. Continue cutting out the triangles so you have enough to go across the card I used five triangles but it depends on what size you make them.


Once you have enough triangles fold them over the string as shown above to make the bunting.
Stick the backing paper or card onto the plain white card. Thread the buttons onto the string so the ends are hidden behind the buttons and stick the buttons onto the card, as shown in the picture above.
Stick the strip of of card over the edge of the background card as shown above.
Write or print (my writing is not neat but I still wanted to write on the front the card) out a “Happy Fathers Day” message and put it on the bottom of the card as shown above. You could also change the message on the front of the card to make it a Birthday card or thank you card!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you make the card! Bye for now, see you next week.

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