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Hi all, 
I have one week until the final assessments are done, then there is only half a term until summer!! I know that this time of year is also very busy and stressful for those doing GCSEs (good luck if you are doing your GCSEs at the moment!) So this week on my blog I thought I would share a motivational quote!
“Don’t be afraid to fail be afraid to fail”
If it’s exams or GCSEs you’ve got coming up then just think you have put in all the effort, been to all the lessons and put in your best, so the night before or when you walk into that exam room don’t be afraid to fail, but try your best!
Just think, soon these exams will be over and you will have a great summer! I know, last year when I did my GCSEs the feeling when all your exams are done and you can move all your revision books and notes out of the way, is AMAZING!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! What is your favourite motivational quote? Let me know in the comments below! Good luck if you still have exams! 
Bye for now, see you next week!

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