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Hope you have had a good week! As I said in last week’s post all about what I did in Croatia (you can read that here), I am going to share the vegan food I ate in Croatia and recommend some products, shops and restaurants. I have only been vegan since the beginning of this year, so this was my first trip abroad eating a vegan diet. As you may know, I went to Croatia last year, at that point I was vegetarian and in some places, it was difficult to find things that were vegetarian. So as you may imagine, I was quite worried that there wouldn’t be very much food I could eat. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Yes it was difficult in places and some restaurants had nothing at all but overall I ate some lovely food! On with the post…

Supermarket Food

There were actually lots of options in supermarkets. If you are staying self-catering there are lots of things you can buy and cook. In all of the supermarkets, there was loads of fresh fruit which was all delicious. My favourite was the fresh apricots, figs and peaches! There were also lots of vegetables and salad options.

Drinks wise there were lots of tasty fresh juices such as orange and apple juice and there was also peach juice which I have never had in England. Not sure if it’s something you get over here but it was delicious.

Lidl is a fairly popular shop in Croatia (specifically Dubrovnik). When I looked around Lidl there weren’t that many options obviously there was loads of fresh fruit, veg and bread. There wasn’t much else. There wasn’t any type of milk or cheeses suitable. The pasta sold was all fresh so contained egg. The only thing I found was some frozen falafel.

Konzum is another popular shop in Croatia. Konzum is a lot better for vegan food than Lidl. They sell lots of different vegan options such as different vegan milks and spreads. Foods such as hummus, couscous with vegetables and bulgur wheat salad were all very tasty and made nice “picky teas” – as we call them in my house. They even had some vegan sausages which made a great breakfast for a couple of days. They also had a ‘free from’ section where you could buy vegan chocolate. I had an orange flavoured chocolate by the brand “Vivani”

Muller is another shop in Croatia. I didn’t see that many of them but in the shopping centre near Dubrovnik there was a Muller shop above the Konzum supermarket. Muller had a small section that was full of vegan options. There was so much lovely food there and lots of the ordinary types of food you get in the UK, including so many ingredients that you can use to make dishes if you wanted to spend more time cooking. They also had more chocolate and some sweets.

This is an example of a breakfast we ate one morning. Toast with avocado and tomato


One evening we made pizza for dinner with tomato, mushrooms, peppers and avocado on top.

Restaurant Food

There was one restaurant we tried to eat in but when we asked if they served any vegan dishes they didn’t seem to know what a vegan dish was and when we explained, asked us to eat elsewhere. There was also the issue of a language barrier which meant finding restaurants and working out ingredient lists on the back of products could be tricky.

We stayed in Dubrovnik. There is at least one (I don’t know if there are any more) solely vegetarian restaurant there called “Nishta”  that serves vegan options. We attempted to eat there but unfortunately it was closed for the day. It’s worth checking its opening times if you plan to visit.

On the first day, we ate at a restaurant called Congo which is the centre of the walled city of Dubrovnik. This is a mango salad which on the menu wasn’t actually vegan, so I had to request a vegan version. It was really yummy!


On Sunday when we were in Dubrovnik. We found a restaurant which served a vegan burger. This was actually listed on the menu as a vegan burger. It was served with chips and ketchup. The restaurant this was from was called Café Royal.


This is some vegan ice cream (I’m not sure if it’s actually sorbet) from Sladoledarno. It was really tasty and so nice to eat in the heat!



This is a mushroom and tomato risotto that was from Konoba Toranj in Cavtat. This wasn’t initially vegan, it was in the vegetarian section on the menu but the chef made a vegan version for me, it was really good. The picture here though looks to me as if it was served in a toilet bowl ha-ha. It wasn’t!


Sorry, this photo is a little dark. This was the day we went to the Krka waterfalls. They served food but when looking for lunch they didn’t have any vegan or even vegetarian options other than this fruit. Nothing at all. So if you do go to the waterfalls I would recommend taking some food with you.


The next day we ate out in a restaurant and this was the starter that we shared. It’s slices of bread with various vegetables on top.


For the main, I had a tomato and mushroom risotto. I’m actually not sure what this restaurant was called.

On our last evening, we went to the restaurant called Poklisar. Poklisar is in the bay of the walled city. We sat in the bay overlooking the sea and lots of boats which were all lit up – beautiful. I had mushrooms and chips, which were vegan already.


Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed! If you are thinking about going to Croatia you should read my post from last week here. What was your favourite meal that you ate over the summer? – Let me know in the comments below.

Bye for now, see you next week!


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16 thoughts on “Vegan Eating in Croatia

  1. This is really interesting to see what vegan food is like in other countries, such a shame that some of the restaurants didn’t have vegan options but the rest of the food looks really nice! And I love Croatia, it’s so so pretty!

    Beth x |

    1. Croatia is so lovely! It was a little disappointing with the restaurants that didn’t serve any vegan options! The food I did eat was delicious!

  2. It’s been 3 years for me so I can fully get how hard it is to find something, especially with a language barrier. I love Vivani! You can actually get it here too (the white nougat crisp is my personal favourite). Glad you managed to find plenty of options in the end. It’s definitely worth doing some research beforehand. Your ice cream looks delicious x


  3. Those risotto pictures are making my mouth watery!! Nicely written post and great travel inspiration. I have only seen Croatia in pictures and heard a lot of good things about it but now you have made me add it to my bucket list ❤️

  4. I’m so grateful for posts like this because I’m vegan, and also fussy with what I eat, this puts me off going away. But it’s nice to see someone else’s experience, thank you!

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