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Hi all

I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Today I thought that I would do the A-Z tag. I saw Ellie do this tag from the blog you can see that post here. I thought this tag would be a fun way for me to share a little more about myself. On with the post…

A is for A’levels which I have just finished studying for

B is for blogging this thing I’m doing now and love to do

C is for Cambridge the area that I live

D is for Dyslexia which makes reading and writing more difficult for me

E is for Eleanor Oliphant the book I have just finished reading

F is for Falafel, they’re delicious!

G is for Glasses I wear glasses to read and watch tv

H is for Houmous tastes amazing with the falafel

I is for Instagram you can follow me here, I’m loving posting and using Insta stories more (shameless plug)

J is for Jellyfish because I think they look really cool

K is for Kale crisps you may think they are gross but I like them

L is for Lasagne, I love lasagne

M is for Maisie the name of my dog

N is for the whole food Nākd bars, one of my prefered snacks

O is for Orchid, there is a fake IKEA orchid on my desk in front of me

P is for Piano, I used to take piano lessons

Q is for Quiet, everyone says I’m quiet (until they get to know me)

R is for Raspberries, my favourite fruit

S is for Sewing, I love to sew

T is for Textiles, my favourite subject at school and my favourite A’level to study

U is for Urban decay I love their eyeshadows

V is for Vegan, I am vegan

W is for Weimaraner, the breed of my dog

X is for X-ray I’ve broken my wrist three times and had a fair few x-rays

Y is for Youtube I watch quite a lot of youtube videos

Z is for Zinnia the flower fairy, a book I loved as a child.


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed!

Bye for now, see you Thursday!


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