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Christmas Relaxation

I hope your having an amazing week and feeling excited for Christmas, I am very excited! I go away to where all my family live on Saturday so this week has been full of last minute present buying and of course a lot of wrapping. So today, as many people find Christmas a stressful time I thought I would do a post with some relaxation tips and ways to unwind before Christmas and remind you to take some time for yourself.
1) Watch a film
Watching a film or TV can be a great way to unwind from stressful day and there are plenty of Christmas films on the TV at the moment!
2) Take time away from screens
Although watching a film is a good way to relax I also think it’s important to take time away from screens and away from social media especially over Christmas.
3) Read a book
Reading a book or a magazine can be a good thing to do when you having some time away from screens.
4) Have a bath
There’s no doubting that many people find baths relaxing and Lush have so many lovely Christmas bath bombs and bath oils why not treat yourself to one before Christmas.
5) Use a face mask
It’s cold (at least in England) and that always makes my skin dry so I always find a face mask very relaxing and good for my skin. I really like the Ethiopian honey face mask from the body shop Click here to view. I also reveiwed this face mask you can read that here.
6) Use a hair mask
At this time of year my hair gets so tangled and a bit dry, I think this is because of collars on coats and scarves rubbing against my hair, but using a hair mask helps sort my hair out and agains it’s about taking time out for yourself.
7) Use the nice shower gel
If your like me you probably get lots of lovely shower gels and smelly things as presents that you end up saving, if thats you treat yourself to the nice you have saved in a cupboard and you
might even be gifted more this Christmas!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed and I hope you have an amazing Christmas.
 Let me know in comments what you like to do to relax.
Bye for now, see you next week!

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