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Hi all

I hope you have had a good week. A few weeks ago I went to Croatia for a week with my family. We stayed in the same place we went to last year, just outside Dubrovnik. You can see those posts here for part one and here for part two. This year, however, we visited different places and did different things! I love writing and looking back on these posts to see what I did and seeing photos altogether.


We arrived on Tuesday so didn’t do much that day because we flew soo early so we were very tired, so just went to the shops and settled into the holiday apartment.



On Wednesday we went to the arboretum which was just down the road from where we stayed and was full of different trees and plants. I haven’t ever watched Game of Thrones but apparently, some of it was filmed in this place. There were also very cute kittens here. The weather was not great that day as we had a fair few downpours of rain.

This image is a fountain in the arboretum and looks very extravagant.

This is the view from the arboretum overlooking the sea. You can see from the grey sky in this photo that the weather was not all that good. I think the little harbour at the bottom of this pic looks really cute!


On Thursday we went to see some waterfalls at Krka national park. They were so beautiful. You can’t get from the photos just how amazing the views were or fully appreciate the scale of the waterfalls! The weather was so amazing this day it was SO hot! However, when walking around the national park you have to walk along these narrow wooden platforms without sides or rails. I’m not really sure why, but these freaked me out and made me a feel a little dizzy. The wooden paths were not high over the water and you could see the water was not deep at all. It was really busy though so if you do ever visit it would probably be wise to go early.

When we arrived and after we had parked we were directed to a bus stop where we able to get a  map and then get on the bus which drove down a steep windy road (you could walk down if you wanted, but we were lazy and it was so hot) the views out the windows were amazing!! We then started walking around the directed paths.

Here’s a cute pic of a wooden bridge

A picture taken looking down from a bridge over the water.


I love this photo, It’s just so beautiful with the water, trees and the little house (I’m sure it’s not a house but I don’t know what it is)


This is the biggest waterfall in the national park, I don’t think the scale of it comes across in the photo! It was really hard to get a photo as there were so many people trying to get the same shot.



On Friday we went into the walled city of Dubrovnik and walked around the walls. In total there are 4,343 steps to climb when walking, but there were some beautiful views over the sea and over the city. It was so hot up on the walls.

This picture was taken from the walls looking over the walls and over the sea. You can see some of the many steps we had to climb.

Another photo taken from the walls looking down.

I love this picture looking through one of the little windows in the walls.

We then went over to Cavtat, which is a little seaside town with a few shops and some restaurants we had some lunch and went for a walk around the seaside.

I like this photo looking over the bay through the arches.


This picture was also taken in Cavtat looking over the bay.


On Saturday we went to the beach for a swim! The water was so warm and lovely and there were a few fish swimming around. I didn’t take any photos of the beach because there were lots of people swimming.



We walked down to the walled city of Dubrovnik to have a look around and get some lunch. Then went shopping in a little shopping centre which is fairly close to where we stayed. I bought a top which has the old Instagram logo with holiday pictures. You can see a picture of me wearing the top over on my Instagram 

The outside of the walls walking down to the city of Dubrovnik.



Monday was our last full day, we went to a Dhali exhibition in Dubrovnik. Then back to the beach in Kupari, which is an old hotel resort. All the hotels were very badly damaged during the war (1991-1995). I took some photos of these hotels last year you can see that in Croatia 2017 (part 2) post here. We then went back to Dubrovnik for our final dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the bay.

Walking down to the walled city for out last tea of the holiday


These next photos are annoying me that they are not landscape like the rest of the pictures but you can really see just how shiny the marble floors in the city were


This picture is looking up into one of the narrow housed streets in the city

This final picture is of the wooden pirate ship that we kept seeing on the water. This time it was in the bay, we could see it on the water while we were sat eating, I think it looks very impressive.


I haven’t put any of the food I ate in this post come back next week to see the vegan food I ate in Croatia.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed. Did you go on holiday this summer?

Bye, for now, see you next week!


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  1. Wow I’m so jealous 😍 Croatia looks absolutely amazing and I’m sure these photos don’t even do it justice! I really wanna go as it looks beautiful + I love game of thrones and they film a lot there!

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