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My Favourite Moisturisers!

Hi all,
Hope you having a good week so far! Here I have put together a collection of my favourite moisturisers.
The first one is this Shea Whip body lotion from The Body Shop. It is very moisturising and quite thick I would only use it on very dry skin and if you don’t like heavy moisturisers then this one is probably not for you. You can feel it on your skin for a long time after putting it on.

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 The next one is this body lotion from La Source it smells so nice. It sinks in quite quickly and leaves your skin feeling so nice for a long time afterwards. I like to use this after an evening bath as it smells very calming, (not sure how that is possible, but it it!).

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This Ted Baker body soufflé makes an amazing gift! The pink packaging is so pretty (the souffle itself is actually pink to!) It looks nice on a dressing table (I know thats not the most important thing, but its nice). It smells nice, it is a medium moisturiser that sinks in family quickly.

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The final one has to be my favourite, and it’s very inexpenceive! I love this Sanctuary Spa oil spritz I use this one all the time! It goes on very light which is nice if you don’t heavy moisturisers it sinks into your skin emeaditly and smells really nice. Its a spray so really quick to put on when your feeling lazy! 

Thank-you for reading! What is your favourite moisturiser? Tell me in the comments below.
Bye for now, see you next week!

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