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Small stud Earrings!

Hi all,
Hope you have had a good week! This week I finished my end of year exams, which I am so happy about! This Saturday it is six weeks since I got a second ear piercing so that means I am soon finally able to change my earrings! Here is a collection of earnings that I have bought ready to wear as soon as I can change my earrings, they are all small studs as I like the look of smaller earrings in the second piercing.


This first pair was bought from Accessorize. if you have been reading a while you will know how much i love that shop, hey have so many earrings and bags, I also love their bags.


 This pair was again from Accessorize. I love these, they look so cute and I can’t wait to wear them!
 These yet again were from Accessorize.  These were part of a set with all gold stems, as for newly pierced ears gold and sterling silver are meant to be better for ears and prevent infection.
These were from Silverado in Brighton that I bought these quite a while ago when we went to Brighton for the day! I love these they are rose gold triangles, so will go with quite a lot of my other jewellery! I really love the shop Silverado and I definitely want to buy some more jewellery from there.
These little stars were from Accessorize. Again these were from the set of gold stemmed earrings I really like these earrings (but excuse the odd reflective shine above them)
Thank you for reading! What shops would you recommend for earrings? Please let me know in the comments, as you can see from this post I need to broaden my earring shop options!
Bye for now, See you next week!

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