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What I got for Christmas 2016!

Hi all 
It is now 2017! I hope you had a good new year and that you are positive and rearing to go for 2017. Make it a good year! In this post I am going to share with you five of my favourite christmas presents. I did not take all of the images used in this post myself (images with) but here is what I got.

I got this necklace from Oliver Bonas. I love it, its so cute! I could not find this on the website so had to take an image myself, therefore
I can’t link it for you. The triangles and semi-circles that look black in the photo are actually a dark blue!

Ted Baker Phone Case
I got this Ted baker phone case. I love the gold in the case go with my perfectly with phone. I have never had one of the flip over cases before but so far it’s working well and seems to be protecting my phone.

cathkidston Hot water Bottle
I got this from my Auntie, I love it. I always have hot water bottle throughout winter because I get so cold, my old hot water was a bit tatty and I really love cathkidston! 

I love this gift it has so many lovely products inside (all gingerbread scented) and a small wash bag and washy thing (whatever you call those? I have completely forgotten!), but after you use all the products you have the hamper which is really cute. I have mine under my bedroom chair, although nothings in it yet!

My main Christmas present was an Instax mini 8 camera! I really love it, I love having the memories instantly and watching the film develop! I also got a set of little extras to go with the camera that included a case, a selfie lens and a photo album. I also got some extra film!

Once again I hope you had a good Christmas, New year and now you are feeling refreshed and ready to start the year! What was your favourite Christmas present? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe so you never miss a post! Thank you for reading.
Bye for now, see you next week!

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