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What I got for my Birthday 2017!

Hi all,

As I said last week, this weeks post lists and talks about many of the things I got for my Birthday this year. My Birthday was two weeks ago now so this post probably could have been up sooner but at least this way I have been able to try the gifts before I talk about them!
Hope you enjoy!
The first item is this Kenneth Cole Reaction  bluetooth speaker that I got from one my aunties. It is really small but works well. It came with a little car that the speaker fits into so you can attach to your keyring. I have not used it for long periods of time so I don’t know how good the battery life is but so far I love it!


The next thing, well things, is this box from my bestfriend that was filled with goodies and decorated really nicely! Inside was a pink floral makeup bag with a dog on that is the same breed and looks just like my dog which of course I love! I love that when I go on holiday my makeup bag will remind me of her! There was also a pink nail polish, which you can’t see very well in the photo but is a china glaze nail polish in the colour ‘something sweet’ which is a really nice pail pink colour. There is also mini ted baker body spray and face mask. Then there was also a little bee necklace shown above on the right that was also in the box. What is not in the picture (because I have eaten them) but in the box was a chocolate bar and some very tasty home made brownies! I really love this gift and think it was a very thoughtful present!


The next few are clothes, I got some money from my auntie and uncle and I bought this striped fruit shirt and the jeans below from Zara! This shirt it is covered in tiny images of fruit.
I also got these floral embroidered mom Jeans from Zara with the money my auntie and uncle gave me. I really like jeans with a bit of pattern on such as embroidery or print, so when I saw these in the sale I was so happy with them!


My parents also gave me some money to buy some new clothes and I bought this superdry denim jacket, which is a pale blue with some slight rips in the body.

 My nanny bought me these shorts, that I can wear on holiday. These shorts are from fat face. I really like the pattern on these shorts and they are loose fitted shorts so don’t make you feel to hot.
Body Creams and Washes!
I got these body shop goodies form one of my friends. I love The Body Shop and these smell so nice.
I received these Zoella Beauty products from my auntie and uncle (who also bought me the bluetooth speaker) I really like the hand cream it is very moisturising but seems to sink into your hands really quickly. I have had the ‘creamy madly dreamy’ moisturiser before and really liked so i will look award to using that again! I have never tried the soap pop so I’m not sure whats this is like but it smells really nice!
From another one of my friends I got these Molton Brown minis! Which smell so nice and are perfect  to take on holiday with me.
Amazon Alexa 
 The final present I got was the amazon echo dot, I really love it, Im sure you will have seen it but if your haven’t it is a voice controlled speaker that does lots of things, such as play music or the radio set timers and alarms, turn lights on and off if smart lights are fitted, make to do and shopping lists.
 I have used this so much since I got it. I love that you can play radio and change the volume by just speaking without having to press any buttons form anywhere in the room, I also have an audible account so I have been listening to audiobooks each night before I go to bed.  I would definitely recommend the echo dot.
Thank-you for reading, hope you enjoyed! Bye for now, see you next week!

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