What I Got For My Birthday 2018

Hi all

It was my Birthday a few weeks ago so today I thought I’d share with you some of the presents I was given. I shared what I got for my Birthday last year and you can read that here. I love reading what people got for their Birthdays or seeing people’s Christmas presents, and I enjoy writing this style post myself. I’m not in any way trying to show off. I have tried to add links where possible but, as they are presents, I don’t know where everything was from.

The first thing I got are these metal straws so that I can use a straw without wasting any plastic, and look great in summer mocktails. These straws are from Lakeland and come with a special little cleaning brush.

  The next item I got was from a friend and this rose gold heart necklace with a little M pendant on. This necklace is from Poppy Kittens Designs 


This one may a look a bit odd but this is a thimble-shaped pen pot. I am redoing my desk area at the moment and love sewing so this fits in perfectly on my desk.

The next thing I got from a friend was this cute little bangle with dipped rose gold ends that has the quote “DARE TO DREAM BIG” engraved. She also gave me two rose petal and almond vegan chocolate bars, I have already eaten one, it was delicious.

    This purse was a gift from my Auntie and Uncle. This too has a sewing theme it’s from Vendula London. I love this purse it’s so cute and has so much detailing. The first image is of the front of the purse and has 3D detailing stitching. I especially love the little rolls of fabric as they are actually mini roles of floral fabric. The second image is the back of the purse. I love how even the back is decorated. There is even a cute London print fabric inside. This purse is also leather-free. You can find this purse here

And finally, I got this necklace from my parents from this cute little jewellery shop called Les Néréides that has some really interesting and quirky jewellery. I love the detailing on this necklace with the purple beads that go along the chain and the small gold beads inside the flowers. The packaging is also really pretty and makes it a lovely gift as it comes wrapped in tissue paper in this little bag. They have a cute shop just along from Covent Garden tube station in London. You can find the necklace online here

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Bye for now, see you next week!

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