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What’s in my bag!

Hope you’re having a nice week! This week I have decided to do a what’s in my bag post, partly because I love reading this style of post (probably because I’m a tad nosey) and I hope you will too. I think most people have at least a little nosey streak! I did an inflight travel bag post before I went on holiday you can read that here, but this one is a general day-to-day bag.
First thing, is of course the bag. This bag is from Accessorize  I bought this quite a while ago but it’s lasting well. It’s good for shopping because it fits quite a lot of stuff in it. It has two main pockets with a zipped compartment in the middle, another zipped compartment at the back and a few little phone pocket bits inside. 
 Next thing is my purse. I really love this purse from Cath Kidston. I have had it for many many years and it is still in perfect condition! I did buy other purses in this time because I wanted a change but I kept going back to this purse because the others annoyed me!
This is a phone charging purse thing! This is so useful. It is like a little purse thing but has a battery pack in it to charge phones. It’s pale pink with glitter, that doesn’t shed. I hate when glitter falls off things you can’t tell from the picture but the glitter writing reads “Too posh to care”. You get about two complete phone charges from this which is perfect for a longer day out. My Mum bought me this from America when she went away with her work I’m not sure of the name of the shop but it was from a mall in Ann Arbor.
Next is the essential bag items that I have in every bag! I have hand sanitiser, a small ted baker body spay, lip balm and hand cream. I have the Zoella beauty “hungry hands” cream. I think I got it around last Christmas but then put it away for the summer but now that autumn is here, I am going all out with the gingerbread scent.
 I always try to keep on me some hair bands and hair clips just in case. Sometimes, but not always, I will pop my pressed powder and lipstick into my bag too. In this photo I have the Loreal true match powder and the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the colour 16.
 And lastly I have headphones, I use the ordinary headphones that came with my phone. I always find headphones get tangled at the bottom of my bag so I bought this little bag keyring thing from Cath Kidston which I think is really cute and keeps my headphones safely inside.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! What is the one thing you MUST always keep in your bag? 
Bye for now, see you next week!

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