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What’s in my Suitcase!

Hi all
Hope you’ve had a nice week! As I am writing this I am sat in a car on the way to visit my auntie, uncle and little cousins before I then go on holiday to Croatia. So this week I have decided to do a post about what’s in my suitcase! I am of course not going to list everything because it’s mostly just your basic clothing, shampoos, suncream e.t.c., but I have picked out a few things to show you and talk about!
First thing, this is the suitcase I will be taking with me! It’s quite big, but fits everything in well and I really like the pattern . Its from revelationlondon, its a hard suitcase and has a lock on.
Here are some of my favourite clothes that I will be taking with me to Croatia. Above are some basic new look shorts, but they are so comfy! The two tops below are also both from new look, and the loose fitted summer trousers are from next!


I am taking this jumper, although it probably won’t be in my suitcase because I’m planning on wearing on the flight. I often find I get cold on planes! I really love this jumper, it’s so comfy! It also seems to blend into the background. It’s by Fabulous Hannah the message behind this is “no rain no flowers” as you may tell from the embroidered detail and you can find it at Red Hare.


 Preparing for the weather!


Hopefully it won’t rain too much in Croatia but its always best to be prepared! This is a rain mac I bought in a Tesco sale because I really like the floral print.
 Sunglasses! I have packed my sunglasses! I really like these sunglasses I have spoken about these on this blog before (in my summer outfit post.), but yes I love them and they are coming with me to Croatia, and I hope for sun!
Make up!
I have spoken about this make up bag before on this blog (on my What I got for my Birthday post)
I love that it has a dog on that looks like mine! Inside my holiday make up bag I have:
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation  – Love this foundation!!
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer  – somehow escaped the picture!
I have also got a separate roll up thing (not sure what it’s called) for my make up brushes this is from Boots it has elastic things to hold the makeup brushes in place and has a zipped pocket at the end that fits my eyelash curlers and tweezers. I use the real techniques bold metal collection make up brushes which I love! There is also another brush in there that I use but not sure of the brand.


Thank you for reading, Hope you enjoyed! What’s your favourite holidaysummer make up item?
Bye for now, see you next week!

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