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Winter Clothing Haul

Hi all,
Hope you’ve had a nice week, and a good halloween! In this post I am going to show you my new winter clothing purchases, this mainly consists of jumpers with a few shirts and a pair of snazzy jeans.
I have tried to link what I can but unfortunately I was not able to find everything so I added the most similar Item I could find and stated it is similar.
On with the post!
 First thing is this sparkly goldish jumper from H&M the glittery thread doesn’t really show up on camera but I assure you it’s glittery. I thought this would be perfect in the run up to Christmas.
You can buy this jumper here from H&M
 This is a H&M basics range jumper, it’s really soft and cosy!
You can buy this here from H&M
 This is a kind of oversized shirt from Topshop with embroidered flowers. I love this shirt, it’s perfect to wear with another top underneath to layer up.
You can get this here from Topshop – It also comes in tall and petite.
 This jumper is from New Look it’s a cropped jumper and it’s so soft! I love wearing this with a high waisted pair of jeans. I know this jumper says bonjour in sequins but the font really reminds me of the Barbie logo.
You can find this here on new look 


These are the snazzy jeans I spoke about earlier. They are from H&M you can’t really see from the first photo but they are covered in little shiny studs which you can see from the second photo. I love this as an outfit with the sparkly jumper above – I like my clothes to sparkle wherever I go especially in the run to Christmas! I’m not sure how well the studs will stay on I believe there just glued on and I think one has fallen off already. So I might search for some more black studs to replace them.
You can get similar jeans here from H&M
This is just a plain green top from H&M basics but this is great for layering with pinafores or shirts. I like wearing pinafores in autumn and winter so basic long sleeved tops always come in useful.

You can get something similar here on H&M

This top is from H&M, it’s a short sleeved cropped top. It has a sequined collar that I love. To me it feels quite festive with the sparkles! (I know it’s crinkled I will iron it before I wear it, crinkles always seem to show up more on camera)
You can get a similar top here from H&M
This is just a fairly simple jumper from H&M. I love wearing this with a largish statement necklace because I think it looks good with the high (almost turtle) neckline.
You can get a similar jumper here from H&M

This shirt was from Topshop. I really love dogs, so of course, I’m going to love this shirt! It has pugs and Yorkshire terriers on.

You can get it here on Topshop – It also comes in petite.
 Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! Do you like any of the items I bought? Which is your favourite? I think mine has to be the dog shirt! What’s your go to winter clothing item? I’d love to know in the comments below!
Bye for now,
see you next week!

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