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Woodland Winter Walk!

Hi all,
I hope your having a good week! This week I wanted to share with you some photos I took when on a winter woodland walk. In the UK it is so right now and next week it is meant to get even colder with temperatures down to minus four degrees C where I live. Which may not sound cold to you or it could sound cold depending on where you live. Anyway to me that is really cold.
These photos were taken when I was out walking with my family there are not many photos here because it started raining (then hailing) when we were half way round and got soaked so I had to put the camera away and we went home. The dog was not happy, she hates getting wet and her walk was cut short!
First picture is of the woodland path I walked down.
 Next photo is close up of a tree with a blurred background.

Another typical woodland photo, I like the tree lined walkway.
 Finally a picture of some sort of fluffy looking plant (have no idea what it is but I really like this photo)
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Thank-you for reading, hope you enjoyed.Bye for now, see you next week.

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