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Birthday and Little Update!

Hi all,
This week was the first week of my summer holidays! I have however been quite busy so I have not got all I wanted done, so this only going to be little update but I hope you enjoy it all the same.
Friday was my Birthday! I had such a nice day I was in school so I did have to get up early to catch the bus but I was with all my friends, who made my day feel so special (I will talk more about this in my what I got for my Birthday post which will come soon)! We then finished school at 10:30 and went to Wagamamas for lunch, it was so good and they gave me birthday cake! Once we finished at Wagamama me and my best friend went to hobby craft, which is one of my favourite shops and I bought some craft supplies for a scrapbook!

Over the summer holidays I am going to create a scrap book of all the fun things I do with my friends and family. I have so far done one page with all of pictures and things from my Birthday, and I look forward to filling with pictures of me and family and of all things I do in Croatia!

Then at the weekend I went shopping with my parents in a big shopping centre and to Zizzi’s for lunch. I had another really nice day! I only bought two items, and they were both in the sale! – I will add these into the what I got for my Birthday post.

Sorry this is a bit of a short not much going on kind of post but things have been so busy and everything has been a bit of a mess I have been trying reorganise my room and get lots done. I have been working of lots of things for my etsy shop see last weeks post –here-. I read a recent blog post from Poppy Deyes titled ‘taking a breather’ (Click –Here– to view that post) and I feel, not necessarily, that I need a break but I need to get back into all the organisation I was once really good at. I feel I need a bit more routine. I have loads of blog post ideas that I am so exited to create and post over the summer, so please bare with me for those.

Thanks for reading! What type of posts are your favourite? Let me know in the comments.
Bye for now, see you again next week!

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  1. Thank-you! I would love to do a scrapbooking tips post- I will towards the end of the summer when I have scrapbooked my holiday! Thanks for the input, I also love those kinds of posts!

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