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Help Someone This Christmas

Hi all
Today I decided to do a bonus, christmasy blog post for you. I want this post to be about sharing the joy of christmas with those who are less fortunate than yourself. This year I am encouraging you to do something nice for someone who needs it. Christmas (at least for me) is the one time of the year when I get to see all my family in the same place and I actually get to spend time them, therefore I love it. Sadly this is not the case for all, maybe for you christmas is not that time. 
For many, it’s a time when people are reminded of the things they don’t have or cant do! They may be a child in care, with no family, a seriously ill child, someone living in poverty, someone suffering from homelessness or an elderly person with no family to spend the day with (imagine spending christmas on your own!). Perhaps even a disadvantaged child whose family had to choose food over a christmas gift this year. This is why I want to encourage you, if your able, to help someone in need. 
You could help a lonely elderly person you know by inviting them to your christmas celebration, give them a gift to show you care or even just post a card through there door and let them know you are thinking of them. You could help an elderly person you don’t know through a charity such Age UK you could donate if you able or help by volunteering your time.

You could help a child in need this christmas by donating to children’s charities, BBC Children in Need is a good charity to consider as it helps children in sorts of situations and living through many different challenges and of all different ages.  

Something my family do each year is give a gift to a child through something called the giving tree. Many towns villages through the country do similar things, you select a tag hanging on the tree with a name and age of the child, you then buy a gift for that child and leave it in the donation box. I think that this is a great thing for the whole family to get involved in and encourages children to think about others at christmas.

I know there so many more people to help and more ways to do it but these are some of my thoughts on the subject if you have other suggestions that could be helpful please leave them in the comments. If you do something to help someone this christmas I would love to hear about it in the comments!
Bye for now see you soon!

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