My holiday in Croatia (part 2)

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I hope you have all had a good week! This is the second part of what I did in Croatia! If you missed part one you can click here to read it. This post will talk about what I did on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


On Wednesday me and my family went to Montenegro. First we went to a walled city called Kotor. The photo below shows the wall, with a large doll/statue thing sitting on it. I’m not sure what it is or why it’s there. Inside the walls we looked around the shops inside and walked around. We then stopped for some lunch I had a vegetarian pizza. When we were eating there were loads of cats and fluffy kittens they looked very cute!


When we had finished there we got back into the car and drove up a large mountain to see Lake Skadar. The views on the way up were so pretty we stopped a few times to take photos.  The first picture below is one I took on the way up the mountain looking out over the sea.

(Here is an image looking out onto lake Scadar)

There was lots of green pond weed on the lake (I’m sure there’s a proper name for it but I don’t know it) and little wooden boats, It looked very pretty with the mountain backdrop and very different to England.

(Image taken in Perast)

We then went to Perast which was very pretty overlooking the water.

(Image taken from the restaurant)
We ate a restaurant called Dandin in Perast it was really nice I had an avocado and mango salad!
On Thursday I went on a boat tour around the Elephite islands. We went to three islands called Lopud, Sipan and Kolocep. The boat tour left from Dubrovnik harbour at 10:40. Below are some images I took.
First we went to Sipan

(Here is photo I took on Sipan)

(Another Photo taken on Sipan)

We weren’t on Sipan for very long so went for a walk, took some photos and then sat on the beach. I love the photo above and if you look closely it looks like the boat is floating! We then got back on the boat and ate lunch, I thought this would make me feel sick but the boat was quite steady!

Then we went to Kolocep

(Here is an image I took on Kolecep)

On kolecep we walked around, taking photos and went for a paddle in the water.

And then finally we went to Lopud, we were on Lopud for the longest amount of time but I didn’t take any photos there. Instead I went swimming in the sea! It was so lovely and very warm! Then after swimming I had a very nice ice-cream! We then got back on the boat, someone did fall in the water when getting back on the boat, which was quite scary but they were okay and we made it back to Dubrovnik. We then went back to our apartment and ate dinner.


On Friday I went to Split which took a long time to get there in the car. Originally we were trying to go to a national park with waterfalls but that was taking too long to get there so instead we went to Split. When we finally got there it was past lunchtime so we were all hungry so we went to a restaurant for lunch, I had a veggie burger, which was really good! Then once we had eaten we went inside the walled city. There seem to be a lot of walled cities in Croatia. Inside were shops, cafes and restaurants. There was also a palace called palace Diocletian which looked very old and grand. We went down inside the palace basement. Below are photos I took of the palace.

(Here is an image of the Palace)
(Here is an image down in the basement looking onto the market.)

(Here is an image of an art exhibition in the palace basement)

(an old palace beam)

(A sphinx missing its head)


Saturday was our last day in Croatia. We spent most of the day at Kupari which was only a short drive from our apartment. At Kupari there are old hotels that were ruined during the war with Serbia. There is also a beach in Kupari so we went swimming!
The photos below were taken of the Grande hotel! The metal detailing on the building was pretty!
(Image taken of the abandoned hotel)
(image taken outside of the abandoned hotel)
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! Where is your favourite place to visit? – let me know in the comments below!
Bye for now, see you next week


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